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"... “Будете ли вы рассказывать своим близким и друзьям о вреде написания “жы-шы” через “и”? Как в слове «жывотное»? Считаете ли вы это своим долгом?” ..."
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"These giant earthworms average 1 metre (3.3 ft) long and 2 centimetres (0.79 in) in diameter and can reach 3 metres (9.8 ft) in length; however, their body is able to expand and contract making them appear much larger. On average they weigh about 200 grams (0.44 lb). ..."
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http://supportprecisionagriculture.org/n​obel-laureate-gmo-letter_rjr.html - письмо
http://supportprecisionagriculture.org/v​iew-signatures_rjr.html - подписи

Кратко: "We urge Greenpeace and its supporters to re-examine the experience of farmers and consumers worldwide with crops and foods improved through biotechnology, recognize the findings of authoritative scientific bodies and regulatory agencies, and abandon their campaign against 'GMOs' in general and Golden Rice in particular."

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Around 8% of non-identical twins and 21% of triplets, for example, have not one, but two blood groups: one produced by their own cells, and one produced by “alien” cells absorbed from their twin. They are, in other words, a chimera – a fusion of two bodies – and it may occur in many organs, including the brain.
Nelson has found that even as an adult, you are not immune from human invaders. A couple of years ago, Nelson and William Chan at the University of Alberta in Edmonton took slices of women’s brain tissue and screened their genome for signs of the Y-chromosome. Around 63% were harbouring male cells. “Not only did we find male DNA in female human brains as a general observation, we found it to be present in multiple brain regions,” says Chan. In other words, their brains were speckled with cells from a man’s body. One logical conclusion is that it came from a baby: somehow, her own son’s stem cells had made it through the placenta and lodged in her brain.

Ну и все такое прочее. :-)
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"•A circannual timer may reside in the pituitary pars tuberalis thyrotroph
•This is defined by a digital switching mechanism controlling EYA3 expression
•The circannual clockwork drives a morphogenic cycle in the PT and hypothalamus
•This involves recapitulation of a developmental program"

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Таким образом, жесткая социальная иерархия у павианов-анубисов сочетается с довольно демократичным способом принятия коллективных решений в повседневной жизни, что позволяет даже низкоранговым особям иногда брать на себя роль лидеров. С другой стороны, прежние исследования показали, что альфа-самец вполне способен навязать группе своё деспотическое решение, если ему это выгодно. Например, если речь идет о ценном ресурсе, который сконцентрирован в одном месте и который поэтому легко присвоить, ни с кем не делясь. Логично предположить, что баланс между деспотизмом и демократией будет связан с наличием таких легко монополизируемых ценных ресурсов. Здесь трудно не вспомнить рассуждения экономистов о так называемом «ресурсном проклятии» (см. Resource curse): предполагается, что страны, богатые природными ресурсами, часто отстают в развитии, потому что эти ресурсы представляют собой слишком большой соблазн для властвующей элиты, которая может просто присвоить их и жить припеваючи вместо того, чтобы способствовать развитию эффективных общественных институтов.
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"The origin of the eukaryotic cell remains one of the most contentious puzzles in modern biology. Recent studies have provided support for the emergence of the eukaryotic host cell from within the archaeal domain of life, but the identity and nature of the putative archaeal ancestor remain a subject of debate. Here we describe the discovery of ‘Lokiarchaeota’, a novel candidate archaeal phylum, which forms a monophyletic group with eukaryotes in phylogenomic analyses, and whose genomes encode an expanded repertoire of eukaryotic signature proteins that are suggestive of sophisticated membrane remodelling capabilities. Our results provide strong support for hypotheses in which the eukaryotic host evolved from a bona fide archaeon, and demonstrate that many components that underpin eukaryote-specific features were already present in that ancestor. This provided the host with a rich genomic ‘starter-kit’ to support the increase in the cellular and genomic complexity that is characteristic of eukaryotes."

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"We communicate the rather remarkable observation that among 291 tested accessions of cultivated sweet potato, all contain one or more transfer DNA (T-DNA) sequences. These sequences, which are shown to be expressed in a cultivated sweet potato clone (“Huachano”) that was analyzed in detail, suggest that an Agrobacterium infection occurred in evolutionary times. One of the T-DNAs is apparently present in all cultivated sweet potato clones, but not in the crop’s closely related wild relatives, suggesting the T-DNA provided a trait or traits that were selected for during domestication. This finding draws attention to the importance of plant–microbe interactions, and given that this crop has been eaten for millennia, it may change the paradigm governing the “unnatural” status of transgenic crops."

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