Mar. 15th, 2017

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Ничего особо нового. Так, в копилку фактов.
Putin and Assange are thus already linked.
But it is much worse for Wikileaks – and the internet in general – even than it looks. In order not to bury the lede, I will report what appear to be the conclusions of the web developers and hackers on Twitter discussing Laurelai’s story, and then report on how they appeared to have arrived there.
* Wikileaks has handed Chayanov access to everything stored on its site and servers
* The Russian hacker and spammer can ‘monitor traffic’
* He can tell who is reading anything on the Wikileaks site anywhere in the world
* The Russian hacker has access to all documents that have been sent to Wikileaks
* He can probably bust the anonymity of any computer or user who thought they were anonymously donating to Wikileaks
* It is not reasonable to suggest that this hacker is other than linked with Russia’s GRU – if he has it, they have it
* Through Julian Assange and his website, it appears that the Russian hacker and his government can track any readers of the Wikileaks site and any donors of material to it, thus allowing Russia to ‘blackmail’ anyone who ‘sent secrets’ to Wikileaks as a ‘whistleblower’."


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